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shooting. they found three victims. one has been transcric transpor area hospital. >> reporter: do you have any genders or ages? >> all adult males, twenty and 30s. >> reporter: is it associated with any address here in the block or does it appear to have happened in the street? do you have any indication as to a motive? >> we don't have any of those details just thousand. we do know that all of our victims appear to be from the area. so as we go further, we'll learn more about them. >> reporter: and is there any look out for any suspects? >> nothing right at this time, but i would encourage anybody who -- this is a pretty active area of the community and a lot of people in the area who are active here. anybody who may have seen something either through the night or early this morning, we'd really appreciate the call. 727-9099. >> reporter: thanks very much. here on the scene of the shooting in the 1400 block of park wood street early this morning. we'll have more details as they come up. back to you.
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we want to switch gears now and get a quick check on our forecast. chuck's here look at a nice day. >> after some power outages and flash flooding, that is all gone. the cold front that sparked off the severe weather is down to our south and we'll be sitting in spine pretty much all weekend long. a refreshing breeze has set up shop. plenty of sunshine, temperatures are climbing very, very quickly. 79 now in downtown washington. 77 now in leesburg and fairfax. 73 in winchester, virginia. here you can see over the last 12 hours, there's that line of thunderstorms roaring down to our south and east. there's still cloud cover lingering right along the coastline, so if you're headed out to ocean city for today, relatively good beach weather, but more clouds to contend with than we will here in town.
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right around town, plenty of sunshine. again, fair weather cumulous clouds bubbling up. highs very close to 90 degrees and beach geroers, don't forget the sun block. bright shine returns tomorrow and you will definitely need it. burn times only about 15 minutes with the strong sun angle. so pack your sunscreen. back in our headlines now. america is mourning the loss of former first lady betty ford. ford died last night in california at the age of 93. she married gerald nord in 1948 and was the first lady from 1974 to 1977. she helped create the betty ford clinic for substance abuse and addiction after publicly discussing her own battles with alcoholism. no she also raised awareness about breast cancer. we'll have much more on her life and legacy in our next half hour. a trial date now set for the
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woman accused of killing her co-worker in a popular yoga store. attorneys for brittany norwood say they will be ready for trial set to begin october 24th. norwood is accused of killing murray inside the store after she confronted her about stealing store merchandise. norwood's attorney says he's not ruling out the possibility of addressing his client's mental health. >> in a serious case like this, you have to explore every possibility. as you go along, you discover certain things in the case. and our investigation is still continuing. we're looking in to our client's background. we're trying to keep that as an option. >> reporter: more wood will remain in a montgomery county jail until trial. the so-called shower bandit in virginia is behind bars. earlier this week, police arrested edward jones in florida mass satisfies for stealing copper from a building. authorities searched his home and found items recently stole frn a local business.
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police believe jones committed a rash of other break ins. in one incident, police say he broke into a business, took a shower, then left with stolen goods. he faces burglary charges and is being held without bond. a federal judge has given the glean light to a civil suit over robo calls that were made on election day in 2010. the case seeks $168 million in damages from julius henson, a political consultant for former governor bobber lic er lihrlich. more than 120,000 calls were made designed to suppress democratic turnout. henson admit the putting together the calls but said he doesn't know it was illegal and wasn't meant to suppress anyone's vote. new results are out this morning from the latest round of standardized tests in the district, but they come as a cheating scandal expands. the results show that despite steady gains since 2007, scores remained mostly unchanged from last year.
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past rates for math and reading in elementary grades are down while secondary schools are up, but the numbers are overshadowed by the news that the u.s. department of education has now joined in the investigation into a possible cheating scandal on those tests. >> if something is revealed by the inspector general's report that should be addressed, we will forth rightly and aggressively address that. >> the d.c. inspector general launched the investigation after a "usa today" story in march alleged there was excessive erasing on answer sheets from 2008 to 2010. today dalai lama will visit capitol hill to deliver what he's calling a talk for world peace. the gathering is free and open to the public. it begins in about a half hour on the west lawn. that talk is part of an 11 day event. whoopi goldberg is emceeing today's event and skylar gray will perform. also this morning, maryland
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residents had the chance to chat with one of their representatives over a cup of coffee. congresswoman donna edwards who ept ares maryland's fourth district will hold two coffee conferences this morning. the first is going on right now at the dunkin donuts. it will last until 9:30. the second is he royal bagel bakery and deli on german town road. that conversation will run from 10:30 to 11:30 this morning. the june jobs report shows an economy that is still struggling. unemployment is up and employers didn't adds as many jobs as predicted. brian mooar has the latest. >> reporter: u.s. employment virtually stalled last month, a net growth of just 18,000 jobs. that nudged the unemployment rate to 9.2% and raises some serious recovery concerns. >> our economy as a whole just isn't producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking. >> reporter: president obama
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blamed economic headwinds, natural disaster, sky high gas prices, and government budget cuts that slashed 39,000 jobs. despite an early morning rain in louisville, kentucky, people began lining up before dawn to apply for one of 1800 jobs in a retooled ford plant. >> opportunities like this don't come around in this type of economy, so i had to be here early. wh . >> reporter: while the economy added 6,000 manufactures job, that's a drop in a very big bucket. >> the data is lousy. >> reporter: the president called congressional leaders back to the white house on sunday to break the stalemate over the debt ceiling and government spending. democrats and republicans are united on one point, they don't like what they're hearing so far. >> we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidize tax cuts for the rich on the backs of america's seen yorsz a eseni
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families. >> there is no agreement in private or in public and as the presented sa president said yesterday, we are this far apart. >> reporter: they're predicting bottom lines but not breakthroug breakthroughs. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. it is the end of an era for nasa. and one giant question mark for mankind. >> two, one, zero, and liftoff, the final liftoff of "atlantis" on the shoulders of the space shuttle america will continue the dream. >> reporter: the 135th and final shuttle mission hungered from kennedy space center yesterday on a 12 day trip to the international space station. once "atlantis" returns, 9,000 people will be out of a job and there will be no vehicle to replace the shuttle. that has some doubting the future of america's space program. >> i will tell you that i think we're looking at a lost decade. >> a lost decade in space. >> that's what i think.
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>> it just couldn't be farther from the truth. america has a bright future in space. president obama has committed this nation to moving forward to an asteroid and beyond to mars. >> nearly a million people are estimated to have watched the launch from florida's coast, but it the final mission drew attention from thousands in our area. employees at the goddard space flight center watched with mixed emotions. they've had pay loads on 75% of the shuttle missions. while they have strong ties to it most employees are excited for new opportunities that come with the end of the schultz program. and stick away, in our next half hour, we'll talk to one of the employees from the goddard space flight center about the end of this program and what comes next for space exploration for the u.s. now an amazing story out of baltimore as participants in a triple kidney swap met each other for the first time.
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six people involved included a married couple, fraternal twins, and a grandmother and member of her church. doctors set up each recipient with a stranger through what's called a paired kidney exchange program.swap took more than 12 hours and was performed by doctors from the university of maryland. pretty cool there. time now is 10 after 9:00. still ahead, the duke and duchess of cambridge arrive in america. a look at how will and kate will be spending their time here in the states. and new developments in the scandal that's brought down one of britain's most famous tabloids. the latest stunning allegations
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police in wyoming arrested a man for allegedly killing his three sons and brother. authorities say 36-year-old everett connen also shot his wife but she escaped. police have not released a motive. the scandal at the british tabloid news offed r t ethe wor continues to grow. police arrested two for their roles. new allegations reveal that journalists not only hacked in tots voice mails of celebrity, royals and families of soldiers killed in action, but that they also paid police for
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information. there were similar hacking allegations against the tabloid a few years ago and a subsequent police investigation. now, though, that investigation has been criticized as incomplete and even compromised because of the bribery allegations. will and kate are california dreaming. they arrived in los angeles yesterday after a trip across canada. the royal couple will spend most of the weekend promoting britain's business sector. but as jina kim tells us, that is not stopping people from all over the world to traveling to sunny california. >> reporter: the duke and duchess touched down on u.s. soil late friday afternoon greeted at los angeles international airport by an entourage that included the governor and first lady of california they were immediately whisked away to the beverly hilton hotel in beverly hills where the newlyweds turned a venture capital conference into a major celebrity event. >> we have a future king here. >> reporter: prince william and kate were there to promote the
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united kingdom's version of silicon valley before an audience of ceos and potential investors. it is kate and william's first trip together to the united states and it's brought out royal watchers from as far away as scotland. >> we adore them and we just happened to be hire at tere at t time. >> we watched the wedding and we heard they were coming to l.a. >> reporter: southern california is the couple's only stop during their three day u.s. visit. though elton john and david and victor i can't remember beckham have homes here, they'll stay at the british council general's mansion in hancock park where they were welcomed friday night by top state and city leaders. next on the agenda, prince william plays in a clarity polo match in santa barbara, then they'll help promote the british film industry at a black tie event for the british academy of film and television arts. jina kim, nbc news, beverly hills. coming up on 16 after the hour. a little polo, hollywood time. i would imagine there will be a
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lot of celeb brrity visiting. >> and do you let him win? some people say yes. i say you'll be wren written down in the record books if you beat him. anyway, we have plenty of sunshine coming our way. we'll talk about all the detail
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the death to toll has risen from joplin, missouri or devastating tornado. janice mckee sub commed to her injuries. the announcement from the city's public information office is the first in about two weeks. the time is 9:19. 78 degrees outside. we've been watching the temperatures slowly climb up. it will be a warm nice day. >> definitely going to be warm, but it is july in washington. we wouldn't really have expect it any other way. toasty warm, temperatures flirting with that 90 degree mark. drink extra water. shade breaks if you start getting overheated. and the number one hinge you need for your summer, sun block.
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spf 30 or better. the sun angle still very high. we're only about two weeks now past the summerle soltice, so plenty of opportunity to get burned. so be sun safe us a get outside and enjoy your weekend. bright and sunny. the complete opposite of the way yesterday ended with the showers and the thunderstorms plowing across the area. those are all now long gone down across southeastern virginia. and down into the outer banks of north carolina. so if your vacation plans bring you down toward the outer banks today, if you're packing the car, be ready for the rain chances waiting for you when you get down will. for us, though, sitting in the sunshine now at national airport. 79 the current temperature. yesterday the dew points in the low 70s. that's the oppressive levels. today back down to below 70, but 68 is plenty.
9:21 am
a authority westerly breeze promises better weather today and tomorrow than what we had yesterday. frederick, maryland, home to the big nash flooding downtown frederick yesterday, all that water has now gone. current temperature with the sunshine 81 degrees there. 76 degrees in brandy wine. 78 in annapolis and shady side. 79 in culpepper and up toward the blue ridge. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. rainfall amounts over the last 24 hours, some places like frederick nearly two inches of rain. the real problem was it came down and only about a 30 to 50 minute period. that's the reason the flash flooding was so intense. here is good news, though. this is our change in dew points and notice this little brown shading back here across ohio where dew points have dropped some five or ten degrees over the last 24 hours. that's important for us. that flow means that our dew points will continue to trend downward just a little bit from yesterday, so we'll go from oppressive to just plain old humid around here. high pressure building on in for
9:22 am
the weekend, so great weather today and tomorrow. low 90s tomorrow. there's the rain showers going down south. for us we'll call it mostly sunny. i do think with the intense daytime heating, we may have cumulous clouds this afternoon. but rain free for today and tomorrow, as well. gradually that area of high pressure will start to give way and as it moves away, the real industrial strength heat and humidity down south will start to move back in our area. it will be back on monday and thunderstorm chances return, maybe a little chance monday very late, but most likely tuesday night into early wednesday. so today plenty of sunshine and warm. fair weather clouds. upper 80s to near 90. and then tomorrow, 100% sunshine tomorrow. slightly less humid, but drier air warms up more quickly. so a few degrees warmer. there's the beach forecast. don't forget the umbrellas and
9:23 am
towels and all your beach equipment. a little cloudy for today. but that's already because you're driving down there today. it will be nice weather, rain free. tomorrow full sunshine at the beaches as well as here. there's our extended forecast, 89 today, 92 tomorrow, back into the mid-90s for monday and tuesday. could be a little stormy tuesday afternoon and evening. might linger into early wednesday. but most of wednesday afternoon whether be dry. and then staying pretty close to average around here later on in the week. anytime you need the forecast, follow me on twitter. you've been taking notes. i'm impressed. >> thank you, chuck. it is 23 now after the hour. fans and player kass together last night to mourn the tragic loss of a young father. all flags at ranger ballpark flew at half-staff and the rangers and as observed a moment
9:24 am
of silence in memory of shannon stone who fell out of the stands while trying to catch ball tossed to him by josh hamilton. he was conscious when he was taken to the hospital but suffered cardiac arrest and died a short time later. a painful loss for the washington nationals. hakem dermish has your sports minute. good morning. your sports minute begins with baseball. nationals hosting the rockies last night. starting pitcher cruising along, gets gonzalez swinging. one of five strikeouts on the night for lannan. wigginton back up the middle off lannan's face. a run comes in, but look at it again. just misses with his glove. yeah, that still hurts. gets up. no broken bones, just a contusion.
9:25 am
the nats however lose to the rockies 3-2. in boston, orioles against the red sox and it was a slugfest. they put up eight runs in the first. then in the eighth, kevin gregg throws inside to ortiz. he doesn't like that. then the next pitch, ortiz pops one up, gregg encourages him to run down to first base. ortiz charges the mound and the two men appear to go at it, but no punches are really landed. just a lot of scuffling. the red sox beat the orioles 10-3. baltimore has lost 10 of its last 11 games. hockey news. the capital traded eric fehr to the jets. he had ten goals and ten assists last year. according to a report, the caps free up $2.2 million in salary for next season. golf now. fairfax native steve marino is two shots off the lead at the john deere classic. he's trying to win his first pga tour event. that's your sports minute.
9:26 am
i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. the last of last year's world cup was an octopus named paul. he successfully chose the winner of every match that germany was involved in. now a new soccer fan has the spotlight. meet ophelia. so far the seven month old has correctly predicted the outcome of each match. determine any germany is set to play japan today. stick around. it is 9:26 on this saturday morning. playing with your friends?
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celebrating in the streets. the dreams of hundreds of thousands of people is realized this morning as their long and painful fight for their own country ends in victory. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this saturday, july 9th. i'm aaron gilchrist. we begin with good news this morning. you should finally be able to dry out after a night of wet weather. if you had a tough time dodging raindrops yesterday, you were not alone. the storms hit hard and fast
9:30 am
dumping sheets of water and taking down trees and power lines. this huge poplar just missed the scotland zion church in potomac. there it is. down the street from there, police had to break out the chain saws after a tree came down on a busy tucker man lane during the height of rush hour there. but it was frederick where cars came to a standstill as downtown streets turned in to rivers. the city is used to flooding, but the speed at which the waters road caught a lot of people by surprise. darcy spencer spoke with some residents. >> i couldn't believe it because it came down so fast. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows market street in can down up to frederick, it turned into a raging river in a matter of minutes before a flash flood stranded residents and bringing business to a standstill. >> it got crazy. the entire sidewalks were covered, the street was rolling rapids.
9:31 am
as cars came by, tiny waves came up. >> reporter: this video was shot of the water rushing up very closely to the italian restaurant where she works at a general manager. >> we had to bank some dirty linens against our kitchen door because the alley started to flood and signs started floating away. >> it was all the way up to the door handle. >> reporter: two feet of water filled the basement of this pub. they're fans the floors. damage minimal. >> it does come down fast and furious every once in a while, but this was a big one. it was a river. >>. >> reporter: things are pretty much back to normal, but you will find trash bags where people picked up debris left behind. frederick's flood control system here at carroll creek spared the district from disaster. it was built after the city flooded in the 1960s. >> underneath that essentially aqua ducts, so it's designed so the city remains safe. >> reporter: much of the damage was caused by blocked storm
9:32 am
drains. this photo shows cars about to float away off market street. you were showing the water came up to the sign here? >> yeah, the came up about right here, and you see where everything getting brushed right under your car. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> i know we were talking about rain coming down in tore rerent about. >> and you always hear us tell people turn around, don't drown. a lot of people think you're in downtown, i can drive through that because they think we're telling them that just so they won't get washed away, but your car will stall out if you get into deep water and now you've blocked the road. so now if there were a need for an emergency vehicle to get through, you're blocking the intersection. so you really need to take that very seriously. you need to just turn around and go the other direction. nothing good will happen to you
9:33 am
by driving into ever deeper water. so you have to take that very seriously. for today, you don't need to worry about the flooding at all. we managed to clear out all of the weather problems from yesterday afternoon and in you we're sitting in sunshine or as we like to say here sitting in the cat bird seat for the weekend. beautiful weather out there for today. i got a bunch of e-mails from friendly viewers appreciating up me bringing up the old savings. temperaturer upper 70s to nearing in on 80 degrees. all the bad weather is way down to our south. abundant sunshine today. at least 89, maybe more like 90 degrees outside for this afternoon. mid to upper 80s the further out north and west of town you go. again if you're headed down to do a little vacation it at the beach, cloud cover for your saturday down right along the immediate coastline, but right around here, plenty of sunshine.
9:34 am
tomorrow going to be a perfect day down at the coastline, highs in the mid-80s. a little something for everybody, folks that have to spend time cleaning up today, at least the weather will cooperate. >> all right. thanks. we're following breaks news this morning. two people are dead, a third person injured after they were shot in northwest washington. police say someone opened fire around 6:00 this morning in the 1400 block of park wood place northwest in columbia heist. it is still very early in the investigation. police are not giving out many details. they do say all three victims were men in their 20s and 30s. we're working to bring you more details. we'll have a live report for you a bit later in the broadcast. today america is remembering former first lady betty ford who passed away last night at ttat age of 93. she helped raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse in the
9:35 am
70s. bruce hall has more. >> reporter: she never expected to be first lady. >> i do solemnly swear -- >> reporter: she was thrust in to the spotlight after water gate claimed the presidency of richard nixon. >> the event that probably had the biggest impact on my life was the day my husband took the oath of office as president of the united states. >> reporter: she married gerald ford in 1948 and began her life as the wife of a politician and mother and housewife. >> i like my career as a house wife and mother. i think my life has been much fuller and much broader. and i'm happier than i would have been in what is somewhat a narrow life that you have to give up everything to become a professional. >> reporter: as first lady, ford was vocal, speaking out in support of women's rights. when faced with breast cancer in 1974, she spoke openly about the disease and her mastectomy.
9:36 am
two topics not discussed in public in those days. ford also spoke openly about her battles with alcohol and drugs and established the betty ford treatment center. once out of washington, mrs. ford rarely stepped back into the political spotlight, making only a few public appearances with other former presidents and their wives. she remained active in the causes close to her heart. bruce hall, nbc news. president obama released a statement saying, quote, throughout her long and active life, elizabeth ford did distinguished herself through her courage and compassion. while her death is cause for sadness, we know that organizations such as the betty ford center will honor her legacy by giving countless americans new lease on life with that we take knowledge in the fact that she and her husband are together once more. members of congress are calling for a nationwide moment of remember perhaps for the upcoming tenth anniversary of
9:37 am
the september 11th terrorist attacks. a new jersey senator introduced a resolution that calls on americans to come together at 1:00 p.m. for what he calls, quote, a minute of reflection. he says the occasion would be a striking symbol of american solidarity. there is a new boss at paris island in south carolina. the training ground if u.s. marines. and she is making history. commanding general lori reynolds is the first woman to be in charge of paris island. reynolds has served in the marine corps for 25 years and says her promotion is just one example to young girls who want to serve their country. >> for all women out there, they should never say never because just keep pushing, keep challenging yourself. for us, it's not just another uniform. those are young americans. and we owe it to those families to take good care of them. >> during a stint in afghanistan, she was the first female marine to become a lead commander in a battle zone.
9:38 am
the state department looking in to reports that syria might be trying to intimidate protesters here in the u.s. the obama administration got reporting that syrian diplomats photographed and videotaped protests here and may have retaliated against demonstrators relatives in ear i can't. the ambassador to the u.s. was called into meet with state department officials earlier this week. s as of this morning, there is a new country on the map. residents of south sudan spent all night celebrating their independence. south sudan voted for independence under the terms of a 2005 peace treaty that ended two decades of civil war in the country. sudan's capital was the first to recognize the new country which is the 193 ready recognized by the united nations. it is 9:38. still ahead, the end of an era in space travel. a look at what's next for nasa
9:39 am
now that the shuttle program is coming to an end. and he is one of the most accomplished american tennis players of his generation. so how does coaching tennis compare to playing it? [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa
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all three engines up and
9:42 am
burning. two, one, zero, and liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis" on the shoulders of the space shuttle. america will continue the dream. >> beautiful sight every single time. that is the very last launch ever of a shuttle. "atlantis" blasted off yesterday in florida. it is on its way to the international space station right now. so this sort of begs the question where does nasa go from here? joining us now from nasa's goddard space flight center in greenbelt, maryland, we appreciate you coming in this morning. as i said, it's a sight that people see and we've watch it for generations and it's awesome every single time. >> i tear up every time. there is something so emotional. >> knowing that this is the last one has to be bitter sweet. >>s it is incredible. when the shuttle first launched, i was 11 years old and yesterday i was surrounded by all of my colleagues and friends at nasa, all watching it together and i
9:43 am
could think 30 years later here i am at nasa watching it. >> what was the mood in the room? i guess you're a little excited, but sad at the same time. >> obviously it will be bitter sweet. this is saying good-bye to an old friend, something that's been part of my entire professional life. at the same time, we really are hooking ahead to what comes after the shuttle. and so while it's bitter sweet, there is the sense of excitement at nasa as to where do we xwo from here. thousand we get on to something very different. >> let's talk about that then because we know that when this mission is over, 12 days in space and we've been told that when atlantis lands, 9,000 nasa employees will lose their jobs. so you're left wondering what does that mean for nasa, what eat next mission. >> that's a number of things mas nasa is coming. we didn't have the budget to continue the program and develop some of the more ambitious
9:44 am
goals. president obama wants to see us go to mars, wants to see us go to an asteroid. these things can't be planned, developed, have the talent poured in to them if we are trying to run all of the low earth orbit business that the shuttle does. so we're handing that off to private industry, we're hoping that creates jobs, hoping that some of the people will that are losing their jobs will go into that aspect before at the same time, now it's on to a morel challenging goal. >> so the next time we see a vehicle on a launch pad, it will be going to even farther out places and other planets and deeper into the solar system? >> exactly. that's what we hope. so eventually the goal is to get to mars some day. there will be many steps to do that. one of the things we're try to go avoid going into planet with a lot of gravity, and land on an asteroid. what an az mading idea. >> i've always been a big fan of
9:45 am
star trek. and you can't help but wonder if that sort of stuff is possible in the not too distant future. you hope that it is. >> exactly. in a way like i said the bitter sweet part of this is that it's our own ambition that was driving us to say maybe that's enough for the shuttle. now it's time to develop where we go from here. >> for people who maybe -- you watch the shuttle take off and you ooh and aah at that aspect of it and people don't really process i think what this has meant for our society in the last 30 plus years in terms of the science that happens on the shuttle in space, on the space station, and how it actually touches our real lives today and over the last several years. this develops things that we use today, right? >> exactly. you think about the impact of the hubble space telescope.
9:46 am
the shuttle has also put up so many different communication satellites and all these different things that keep us connecteded all the time now. there's no longer dead time. we can communicate with them at any instant because of this incredible network. >> it's spectacular stuff to talk about. all the best to those up in space and best to you and your co-workers. >> thank you. a pleasure to be here. your time is 9:46. 79 free degrees outside. the guy who always has his head in the clouds, chuck has our forecast. >> i look up all the time. that's an occupational hazard for me. outside plenty of sunshine for today. the question is whether will it last.
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you've seen horses or toll fins at the beach. how about elephants? a little different for you. four elephants from denmark's national zoo got the chance to play in the surf yesterday. the trip to the beach is an only event that attracts hundreds of animal loves there. and they were not disappointed. the elephants put on a little impromptu show before they went back to the zoo flashing around a little bit. >> they were going to go a lot further but then he realized it was all salt water. >> never fun when you take that
9:50 am
first sip. >> and eventually it happens no matter when you go to the beach. at least once you'll take a wife or some salt water in the nose. >> and my weird story, i'm not a water person so the first time i'd been in salt water was last year not realizing that it was salt water. when i came up and licked my lips, it was not a pleasant taste. >> not good at all. >> but you enjoyed the beach. >> it was a good time. >> earlier you were asking me you said it didn't feel quite as hot this summer as it did last summer. >> much more bearable. >> and we actually had fewer 90 degree days. so that's what we'll talk about first here is the number of 90 degree days. we've got a little break from mother nature. compared to last year, voergs when it was just brutally hot outside, we had our first 90 degree day last year in early april. so we started early and they stick around late. outside on a saturday morning, plenty of sunshine for now.
9:51 am
but today may very well be another 90 degree day. abundant sunshine coming down into the city of washington. clear skies overhead. a nice day. don't forget your sun block if you'll be outside. it is cooler, but still hot out there, in doubt about it. the number of 90 degree days or higher last year compared to this year, in april last year, we had two days in the 90s. none this year. may was a wash. had three 90 degrees last year and three this year. june, that was the record. we had 18 90 degree days in june last year. the highest number on record for the month of june. this year, we only had 10. and now only 9 days in to the month of july, we're even with last year. so when you put it all together comparison, by this same time last year, we'd hat d 29 days compared to only 19 this year. and we all know the summer dragged on and on last year. total for the year last year, we had 67 days in the 90s.
9:52 am
that was the all-time record number of 90 degree days in a calendar year. let's hope we don't get anywhere near that record this year. right now temperatures are climbing very quickly into the mid and upper 70s. even a few spots up near 80 degrees now. heavy rains from yesterday, 1 1/2 to 2 inches of rain quite common. all that is a thing of the past now. dew points are falling and that means that relative humidity will be falling a little butt. so even though it will be a toasty warm day today with temperatures up around 9 on degrees are won't be quite as oppressively humid and more important, with that weather front way down to our south, our rain chances have gone to zero for today and for tomorrow. so a wonderful weekend coming our way. high pressure is in charge for now. the real super steamy stuff has been pushed down into the carolinas and georgia. it will be held at bay by this area of high pressure. so no concerns there. but eventually that area of high pressure moves away that will allow the warm moisture to come back here starting on monday and then more likely as you get into
9:53 am
tuesday, that will lead to afternoon thunderstorms about so that here is your weekend forecast. today sunny and warm, just a few fair weather clouds. tomorrow more sunshine, a little warmer. highs in to the low 90s tomorrow, but humidity levels will be less. clouddidi itydiditydy skies at coast, but beautiful tomorrow. 92 tomorrow, 94 monday. that's a little on the hot side away here. 93 steamy and storm any on tuesday. and then behind the next weather front, we cool down just a little bit toward the end of next week. always get the latest forecast online or follow me on twitder. people are excited that you're back on twitter. >> i've gotten a tweet. someone has tweeted. >> thank you, chuck. if you haven't checked out the washington castles, now is a good time to do it. the tennis team has a brand new
9:54 am
stadium, but it still has murphy jensen has its coach. he recently sat down it talk about the castles and she calls him one of the most ennethusiasc people she's ever met. >> are you paying me? this is for one person? >> yes. >> will there be a test, do i need to -- this is tuna, raspberries -- >> scallops wrapped in bacon. >> perfect. >> when you and your brother won the french open in '93, what was the emotion like behind that? do you think back to that moment? >> i'm not saying this just because we're at castle stadium at the wharf. but that french open title
9:55 am
represented a family dream and a family sacrifice and a family everything. i didn't enjoy the ride as much as i could have or should have. it really kind of freaked me out the attention we got as the jensen -- i just wanted to play. and the rope for eason for me p was to be with my brother. my brother made me feel safe and protected. my brother made me feel better than i thought i was. winning as a coach of castles is as important as winning the french. 100%. because it was my choice to be here. it was my choice to -- i live in california, he lives in new york, and we need that had separation. i think the two of us, it was just too much pressure to have a family depending on the kids for this success. >> you took the castles to a championship a few years back and you'll try to do it again.
9:56 am
but how difficult is it for you to begin to coach these players who are pros and superstars that everyone knows but sometimes you're not seeing them until the day they come in. >> i have to make decisions that aren't always the most popular. i have to make the lineup on home days, meaning who is going to play first, who will play fifth. and how do i tell serena that she's going to play when she doesn't want to play. >> so have you had that conversation? >> i have. >> what do you do seriously? >> let's pretend. you'll be serena and you'll say coach murphy, i really didn't want to play last tonight. >> okay, coach murphy, i was ousted at women bem donbell doni don't want to play last. >> having you play first or third -- >> i don't understand. >> here's the thing, serena. we need you on the end. i need you. if you do one thing for me before you die, you will play
9:57 am
last tonight. you're our anchor. the bottom line is you're our anchor, we need to you bring home the bacon, you're the only player that has the best chance to rattle off 10, 12 games if we're going into the end with a deficit. >> but i don't want to wear the castle garb. can i wear my sequins? >> if you're wearing sequin, we're all wearing sequins. we are a team. >> then it's a deal. i'm playing last and we're all wearing sequins. >> go serena? >>. >> and -- >> cut. i don't think i saw anybody in sequins out there. all right. time right now is 9:57. a new museum could be coming to the national mall. and this one could be honoring you. we'll explain that when we return. also, turned away. wait until you hear who casey anthony did not want visiting
9:58 am
9:59 am
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead. welcome back. it is 10:00 a.m. right now on this saturday july 9th. we'll take a look at our headlines in a second. first a check on our weekend forecast with chuck bell who has been in here look out this. >> i've been outside a couple times this morning during our breaks. >> what do you feel? >> i feel a refreshing breeze.
10:01 am
i want to see if there are any cumulous clouds starting to build because that gives you an indication how much cloud cover we may have to worry about later on. and the proof is in the pudding. darn near 100% sunshine out there for now. a little bit of a haze, but that will be improving as we go through the remainder of the day. temperatures have really started to jump up already into the low 80s in many spots. 82 now in washington. 81 in manassas, 79 in annapolis. you can see on the radar showers and storms long gone from us about so that here is your day planner. temperatures already in the low 80s here as the 10:00 hour. we'll be near 90 by 2 og. we'll whoever right around 90, 19 for much of the afternoon and then back down into the upper 80s by 6:00 p.m. doing some sailing? there's where you need to have your friends on days like today. if you have a friend with a bay
10:02 am
allows or sailboat, give them a call. let them know you'll bring the hot dogs and chips, whatever you need to bring to get the invitation. but, yeah, great weather. good sailing weather on the bay today. let her rip. >> absolutely. two minutes after 10:00. here are some of the top stories this morning. some of you will likely have some cleaning up to do this morning after torrential rain brought down trees and power lines last night. frederick was the hardest hit in the area. streets turned in to river 234s just a minute of matters. the good news today is supposed to be dry. president obama scheduled to meet with leaders of congress tomorrow to try to hammer out a budget deal with less than two months until the country reaches the debt ceiling, democrats and republicans are going back and forth on what to cut and how much. white house officials believe an agreement that would cut around
10:03 am
$2 trillion appears to be within reach. and "atlantis" is on its way to the space station. it blasted off yesterday in front of a crowd of almost a million. once it returns, about 9,000 shuttle program employees will lose their jobs. we're following breaking news right now out of the district. two people are dead, another person injured from a shooting that happened earlier this morning. this aped about 6:00 in the 1400 block of park wood place in northwest in the columbia heights area. derrick ward is on the scene for us this morning with the latest information. what have we learned? >> reporter: we do know that three people were shot here this morning. it started a about 6:45 a.m. in the 1400 block of park wood place. now, 6:45 is an early hour for this sort of thing. people walking by are somewhat amazed that something like this happened that early. we dough no one person was transported from the scene and
10:04 am
we spoke earlier with chief lanier. >> it was about ten minutes to 6:00 we got the call. when officers arrived, they found three victims, two are remaining on the scene. one has been transported to an area hospital. very early organization we don't have a lot of details yet. so we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: the shooting did happen in the 1400 block of park wood lays. it's a section that runs between 14th street and it remains closed as the investigation ensues. they three adult males from the area. details are still sketchy. for now, live in here, back to you. >> all right, thank you. this morning america is remembering the life and legacy of former first lady betty ford. ford died last night in california at the age of 93 aboutship he married gard ford in 1948 and was the first lady
10:05 am
from 1974 to 1977. she helped create the bet at the nord clinic for substance abuse and addiction after publicly discussing her own battles with alcoholism. no nord. the four children of gerald and betty ford released a statement that said per's love, candor, devotion and laughter enriched our lives and the lives of millions. to be in her presence was to know the warmth of a truly great lady. mother's passing leave as deep void, but it also fills us with impressurable appreciation for the life we and dad shared with her. democrat being party officials in new york have selected their nominee to replace former congressman anthony weiner. state assemblyman was introduced friday. he'll run for the ninth congressional district seat in a special election this september. the ninth district represents parts of brooklyn and queens. weiner resigned after getting caught up in a twitter sexting scandal.
10:06 am
as casey anthony waits to walk free, she is denying a visit from her parents. anthony's mother, cindy, had scheduled a visit to the jail for last night at 7:00. but casey denied the visit before her mother arrived. lawyers for anthony's parents say casey cut off communication with cindy and her father, george, during the trial. anthony is scheduled to be released on july 17th lived with her parents before the trial began which now begs the question of course of where will she live once she is free. and controversial tv host jerry springer is denying reports this morning that he is angling for the first interview with an honest any. he dismissed reports that his show is offering $1 million for the interview. says the reports are 100% fabricated and that his show does not feature known people like anthony. a media scramble for the first interview with anthony is expected after her release. a tragic story out of new york this morning as an army
10:07 am
veteran who lost his legs in iraq died after being thrown from a roller coaster. 29-year-old was on the ride of steel when he was ejected. it can reach speedses in excess of 70 miles an hour. a park spokesperson says the roller coaster and the surrounding area were closed after the incident and they're investigating just how the accident happened. a new smithsonian museum could be on its way to d.c. virginia representative jim moran has introduced legislation calling for a presidential commission on a national museum of american people. the museum would focus on and highlight immigration and the migration to the united states that created the melting pot of people we are today. mo he says it's time to tell the story of all the american people. time is 10:07. still ahead, they are the most annoying parts of summer.
10:08 am
coming up, we'll have simple things you can do to prevent playing with your friends?
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by the american medical association. commercial health insurers have an average error rate of over 19% this year. that's up 2% from last year. united health has the top rating among insurance companies with an accuracy rate of 90%. if you spend anytime outside, you probably noticed the mosquitos are out in full force now. we are right in the middle of mots keto season which lasts from may to october. but there are ways to fight off the pests so that you can actually enjoy your weekend in the sun. john schriffen has more. >> reporter: technicians at the health department trap mosquitos to track the different species and potential diseases flying through area. so far this season, no sign of the west nile virus. but they noticed the asian tiger mosquito is getting comfortable and is on the rise in our area. >> they're pretty aggressive.
10:12 am
they'll bite any surface of the skin that's available. >> reporter: we've all been told to get rid of standing pools of water around the house because that's where mosquitos like to breed. what about water we can't get rid of? >> you can buy mosquito dunks and you put it in the water and there's bacteria that gets released and mosquitos feed on it or the larva feed on it and they can't turn into the mosquitos. >> reporter: she says the belief about them being attracted to some more than others is actually true. they're drawn in by a co2 and a general skin smell we emit. to protect yourself outdoors, remember to wear the three ls. light colored, long, loose clothing. because if it's too tight, mosquitos can bite you through the material. but experts say one of the best repellants is to actually use bug spray, but make sure to spray it all over. >> it actually puts a barrier on your skin and they know that you're there but they don't want to land on your skin. and if you miss a part of your
10:13 am
skin, they'll land there and try to feed. >> reporter: she says the best brand is the one you'll actually use. in fairfax county, john schriffen, news 4. and for more information on the mosquitos and how you can protect yourself, visit our website, just search mosquitos. the time is 10:13. somehow we got up to 82 degrees. >> the sun came out at about 5:51 this morning and ever since then, we've been getting warmer. that's how. >> thank you, chuck. all we need to know. >> if you have anymore weather questions, send them all in.
10:14 am
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chuck is here. still looking at a nice day. looking for something interesting in your world to happen with the weather. >> i was on vacation and all my friends were like all you do is stare at the sky. that's me. i've been staring at the sky my whole life. if you look up, things are better. your attitude and your altitude are sort of related. if you look up, things are good. >> you should write postcards or greeting cards. >> i'll start a secondary business when i'm not here. anyway, good weather for
10:17 am
anything you want to get done on the outside. some of our friends and neighbors are cheenk up after the heavy thunderstorms yesterday. there you go, the news 4 boat. we have missed the boat yet again. >> find out who that guy is. >> i agree. good looking dayton outside on any body of water that you can find. just sitting in it and being cool out there. beautiful day today, 82 degrees already. getting up close to 90 again today. six out on f the first eight da have been 90 or higher. warmer than average by july standards. today very likely our seventh 90 degree day of the month. temperatures have climbed into the low 80s in many spots. 78 in hagerstown and martinsburg, 77 in win whes ter and new market. good day to take a drive today.
10:18 am
here's a look at the latest satellite picture. a couple clouds lingering out towards southern delaware. but look at all the clear skies back in to the shenandoah valleyly and into the mountains of west virginia. so great weather for us. the dew points are dropping. that means slightly less humidity to worry about for the repain dmainder of the afternoo. the high pressure has punched things out, but that weather boundary way down to our south, we'll be left sitting pretty with a nice weekend around here. all the storm chances will be way down southeastern virginia, down into the outer banks of north carolina for today. so if your vacation and beach plans take you that way, a little more unsettled weather. but around here, it is going to be nice today, tonight and tomorrow. up near 90 today. so don't forget your sunscreen and drink your extra water, but eventually high pressure will work its way off the eastern seaboard and that will open up the floodgates to the warmer air, humidity and storm chances
10:19 am
more likely on it tuesday. so for today, sunny and warm. then tomorrow sunny and hot but relatively low levels of humidity. tomorrow's highs up into the low 90s. there's your beach forecast. clouds today, but sunshine tomorrow. here's our extended forecast. 94 monday. i think that will be the worth of it. cooling showers and thunderstorms come in late tuesday into wednesday. and then we sit in very nice weather for the end of next week. follow me on twitter @chuck bell 4 or and i'll get you all the information. >> thank you, chuck. time is 10:19. we just celebrated the fourth of july, so why are some stores trying to get you to think about back to school time? and a scary moment for one of the nationals star pitchers. hakem dermish will tell us if john lannan will be missing any
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
retailers are already getting ready to go back to school. last year consumers spent more than $55 billion on back to school items. some toys "r" us stores have
10:23 am
started a sale on backpacks and lunch boxes. walgreen's, staples and office depot are also offering big sales. a rough night for the nationals and orioles and the final score only tell part of the story. here's hakem dermish with your morning sports. >> good morning. what happened in the fourth inning last night at nationals park prompted davie johnson to say it's a manager's worst nightmare. starting pitcher john lannan got hit in the head by a line drive. he suffered a nasal contusion. nationals starting a three game series against the rockies. lanam gets five strikeouts on the night. three batters later, and look out, folks, ty wigginton with the smash back up the middle off lannan's face.
10:24 am
see it again. lannan just gets his glove up and that still hurts. lannan gets back up, walks right to the dugout, no broken bone, just a nasal contusion. davie johnson says he doesn't expect lannan to miss his next start. bottom of four, wilson ramos you crushes one to left. his eighth of the season. nats trail 3-2. here we go. rally caps on in the bottom of the ninth. nobody out. runner on first for jayson werth. he gets him swinging and guns him out at third. the natting lose it 3-2 the final. let's go to boston. orioles taking on the red sox. check out the body language from buck showalter. not happy. here's why. bottom of the first, runners on first and second for ortiz. takes the fastball deep to right.
10:25 am
his 19th of the year. makes it 4-0 red sox. and that's just a bit inside. ortiz says don't do that again. bull pen cleared for a minute, but we play on. next pitch, ortiz pops up. gregg encourages him to run down to first base. ortiz says what did you say? charges the mound. the two grown men appear to go at it, but no punches really landed. big papi and the red sox beat down the orioles 10-3. wow. baltimore's lost 10 of its last 11 games. hockey news. the capitals traded eric fehr yesterday to the jets for a prospect and a fourth round pick in the 2012 nhl draft. in 52 games last season, he had ten goals and ten assists. the caps free up $2.2 million in salary for next season. golf now, steve marino is
10:26 am
two shots off the lead at the john deere classic. he started his round on the back nine here on the par three 16, tee shot from 140 yards away. it's a beauty. he would knock that in for birdie. then on number two for eagle from 22 feet away, putting with precision. he shoots a 66 in the second round. he's tied for second at 12 under par. trying to win his first pga tour event. he'll be chasing this man. he had reconstructive knee surgery last year, posted a 62 yesterday and holds a two streak lead at 14 under. we're in colorado springs where the squirrel and usga are hosting the u.s. women's open. stacey lewis here on number five putting for birdie gets that to go. lewis is tied for second at two under through 16 holes. kim is in first place at four under. play was suspended because of weather, so plenty of golf to make up and apparently the squirrels won't mind because
10:27 am
they have their snacks ready to go. that's your morning sports. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. >> spent a little too much time with the squirrels in that video. >> i just see the rodent part when i see squirrels. >> i'm with you on that. the first time i moved here, black squirrels. had never seen a black squirrel before. a little scary. that's how we'll end our broadcast today. >> that's it. >> we'll be back here tomorrow at 6:00. we hope you have a great -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
10:28 am
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